Weight, Eating, and Exercise at 9

Fritz is already struggling with his weight at just 9 years old. He’s got genetics working against him, but he’s doing so well trying to stay in shape.


His weight problems really started when he was in public school for a semester two years ago. He’d always been very active, but in school he was just sitting for at least 6 hours of the day. Then a few months after he started being homeschooled again, he got pneumonia and had to go on steroids. What started with a little weight gain turned into packing on pounds rapidly with those steroids. He’s had to be on steroids at least once more since then, too. And he’s a boredom eater.

He is not happy with how it feels to carry around the extra pounds so he asked for help in trying to get rid of them. So we came up with a plan.


Fritz is not restricted from any food. If we’ve got it in the house, he can have it. However, if he wants to eat something, he asks himself if he is bored or actually hungry. At dinner, before he gets seconds, he asks himself if he is still hungry or if he just wants it because it tastes good. He loves carrots, so I’ve always got some in little plastic containers in the refrigerator for him. He also loves popcorn, so we got a little air popper that does 1/4 cup of kernels at a time and also fun flavors of seasonings to go on the popcorn. The majority of his snacks now are carrots or popcorn. (We did talk to his pediatrician at his well visit in September and she was very happy with and totally approved of all of this.)

Around the beginning of the year he said he wanted to exercise as well (he already does taekwondo 2-4 times a week for an hour each time). Ani found an app (7 minute workout) for him. She set an alarm for 2pm every day to remind him to do it. He’s done his 7 minutes of exercising at least once a day every day since the 3rd.


He is losing weight very, very slowly. He’s also developing some little muscles from the exercising. Most importantly, he is feeling better, healthier, and making habits that will serve him well in the future.

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