Ani’s Room, Part 1

A few weeks ago we started talking about redoing Ani’s room. It has been tan and brick red since we moved in and she really didn’t like it. The carpet was original to the house (so installed in 2000) and looking pretty shabby. The remodel really began the end of last week.

The kids pulled up the carpet themselves. It is absolutely disgusting how much dirt ends up trapped under carpets (we’ll be replacing the carpet with wood floors).

Jamie cut up and removed the carpet and pad and I swept up the floor so it was all ready to prepare for painting.

Adrian and I washed the walls and got everything taped off and ready to paint.

We all pitched in to paint the first coat. Interestingly, the paint covered the red walls better than the tan ones.

Monday morning I decided to do the edges before getting the kids up to paint. Then I figured I may as well do the ceiling (by the way, getting the stick that screws into the roller was totally worth it!). Then I went ahead and did the upper part of the walls. And then I did the rest of the walls and all that was left was the windows so, 3 hours after I started, I was all done with the second coat.

Tuesday after work Jamie installed the ceiling fan. The bracing and wires were already there so it didn’t take long to get it in place and hooked up.

Now we’re waiting a couple weeks for the walls to get very, very dry so we can safely put tape on them for the next step.

2 thoughts on “Ani’s Room, Part 1

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