March’s Science Experiments

We made an alien that could balance on a finger (or hook to a lip) using straws and a toilet paper tube.

We made a mobile that could hang perfectly balanced.

They put a piece of clay in a balloon and then played catch with it. The clay made the balloon wobble about when they tossed it.

We made a castle using gummy Warheads and toothpicks.

We stood with our heels against the wall and tried to lean over to pick up a book, but found we could not do so without falling over.

We stood with one side against the wall and tried to pick up one foot, but found we were unable to do it. Without the wall next to us, we could easily shift our center of balance and pick up one foot.

Using one finger, we could prevent each other from shifting out center of balance in order to get up from a chair.

We tried to balance a book on its sides, but it wobbled. Flat on the table so its weight was distributed it was stable.

We tried to balance things like a ball and spoon on a single finger, but we couldn’t do it. Then we stuck two forks into a cork and we were able to easily balance it on a single finger.

We made a rocking balance game. We took turns putting tags on either side of the pencil until one side got too heavy and the whole thing fell over.

We made another shape castle out of gummy Warheads and toothpicks.

We took pictures of things around the house that spin.

We put together a CD, nut, bolt, and washers to make a thing that spins.

We cut two circles, a triangle, and a square from cardboard, attached them to pencils, and watched the different ways that the shapes spin.

The boys made their bike wheels spin as they rode them.

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