Legacy Class

Ani and Cameron have started a study group with a few other Legacy students from taekwondo. They are studying for their next collar testing in June (two are testing for their black-red collars and three, including Ani and Cameron, are testing for their black-red-black collars). At their first study session this weekend, they took turns leading a mini class covering various topics those testing for black-red-black collars will be tested on.


By the time it was Cameron’s turn the rest of the group was tired of pretending to be students so they called Fritz and Adrian in to be the students.


Adrian was being thoroughly (unmedicated) Adrian and was dancing around so Cameron had him come to the front to demonstrate the front kick-side kick Cameron was trying to teach them. Adrian could do the front kick part of it at least.


Fritz actually paid attention and successfully did a front kick followed immediately by a side kick without putting his foot down (and even properly pivoted his foot still on the ground).


So that’s 2 hours of their study group down, 28 hours to go!

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