Meet Filli and Kree

We are Filli and Kree. We are very loving and happy sugar gliders who have very distinct personalities. We were born (came out of our mother’s pouch) on St. Patrick’s Day.

*Kree must do everything first before Filli will. She has to eat the food, drink the water, play with the toys, climb the cage wall before Filli will follow her example because it’s safe.
*Filli usually steps back and lets Kree do whatever she wants because Kree is a bit rougher and more energetic unless apples are involved… then Filli shoves Kree out of the way so the apple can be hers.
*Kree will stand on Filli’s head if things aren’t going her way. She has to be the dominant sister.
*Filli will happily sit and watch everything Kree does and get the same enjoyment out of it that she would if she were doing it herself.
*Kree will lunge at Filli to play fight and then stop just before we collide and we start grooming each other and then we chase each other around our cage or the tent happily.
*We are not good at sharing so the people we own must give us each our own apple slice when in the bonding pouch so we don’t fight over one. They even had to buy us a second food dish so we wouldn’t shove each other anymore.
*Kree is a little bit smaller than Filli which amuses the people we own because Kree acts younger, but also tries to glide more which is an “older glider” thing.
*We don’t really know what to think about the dog yet… she just growls at us like we’re a danger.
*We love to play together, but we always play with separate toys because, again, we’re very bad at sharing.

Hello, my name is Kree. I’m one of two Sugar Gliders that adopted a family of Duks last weekend. I figured I should introduce myself to everyone.

*I am hyper, clumsy, outgoing, jumpy, brave, and trusting.
*I like climbing, toys, chewing on everything plastic or fleece, sleeping, standing on my sister, crabbing (my annoyed “LEAVE ME ALONE” sound), drinking, my ball pit, and my banana sleeping pouch.
*I DON’T like when my sister gets too close, when my sister tries to eat my apples, when anyone tries to wake me up and I’m not ready to get up, and being picked up and not being allowed to run around that person’s back and shoulders.
*I love dangling toys and running in my wheel.
*I will crab at you if you attempt to wake me up before I’m ready.
*I will happily bury myself in my ball pit and sleep for hours.
*I will chew on the bars of my cage loudly if I want to run around in my family’s tent.
*I will try to do things as fast as possible because I’m so excited and then get confused and fall down because I don’t know where I should go next.

Hi, I’m Filli. I’m the other Sugar Glider… Kree is making me introduce myself.

*I am shy, nervous, sleepy, slow, happy, friendly, loving, cuddly, and curious.
*I like playing with my toys, cuddling my tail, cuddling any fleece blankie around, cuddling my plastic frog, sleeping in my toy bin, cuddling my sister, chattering, hanging upside down, watching my sister do everything, and chewing hair and fingernails.
*I DON’T like when my sister crabs at me, when anyone looks at me, when I can’t climb, and when my sister is asleep and I’m awake.
*I love apples and watching Kree run in our wheel.
*I will chew on everything in the toy bin. I especially love the frog, snake, and rings. The bracelet is okay, but it’s a little big for my mouth.
*I will find the smallest hiding place possible and hang out because it’s warm there.
*I will try and wake up my sister if I’m awake because I need entertainment.

Filli running in the wheel.  Usually Filli is content to curl up behind the wheel in the x-mount or just hang out watching Kree run (and run and run) in the wheel, but sometimes she gets in the wheel, too.  This is a Stealth Wheel from AtticWorx.Com.

(This is a slightly modified form of three posts my daughter made on Facebook. She took all the pictures and I took the video.)

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