4 thoughts on “Ready for Next Year

  1. Wow are you organized! I can’t decide if you are inspiring or just a show off. Your a homeschooling mom with a blog, chances are you’re inspiring. Either way you are gonna have a relaxed summer break. I gotta get in gear. I’m still in the spiral notebook list stage of deciding curriculum. I would love to get a peak inside the youngest’s curriculum. I need ideas.

    • Mostly I just need it to all be done or it will drive me insane all summer. I figure if my kids get a break, I should to. Plus I made it one of my goals this cycle at taekwondo to have everything ready for next year as soon as last year ended.

      Adrian will be in 3rd grade next year and he’ll be doing First Language Lessons 3, Writing With Ease 2, Spelling You See C, Math-U-See Gamma (if he doesn’t finish the second half over the summer), Magic Tree House books, History Odyssey Ancients Level 2 (made much easier – he’s mostly along for the ride with his older brothers), REAL Science Odyssey Biology 2 (also made much easier), Latin for Children A, and Discovering Great Artists.

      • Thank you for taking to the time to write all that out. I search and search for reviews of curriculum, specifically photos of the inside of the workbooks. It’s probably an out of season post, but something I’m sure others will be looking for in the fall. Just an idea, thanks again.

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