Summers are Crazier than School Years

I’m pretty sure activity planners either want to get stuff in before people go on vacation, or they just want to make everyone insane. Either way, summers are crazier than school years and early summer always seems especially crazy. The last couple weeks have been utterly nuts.

First of all, Fritz is still doing swim team. Summer swim league lasts for 7 weeks here running from early May through late June. In that time, there are 4-5 meets on various Tuesdays and Fridays. Practice is just over an hour 5 days a week until school gets out and then 4 days a week (they clean the pool Tuesday mornings so the kids can’t be in the water). It’s intense.

Then there was Districts for Ani and Cameron two weeks ago (3rd place in sparring for Cameron, 2nd place in sparring for Ani). Last weekend was Youth Conference. Ani missed most of Thursday because she had tickets to see youtubers Dan and Phil and both Ani and Cameron missed most of Saturday because Ani had to work in the morning and Cameron went with her to help. Also on Saturday Jamie took the little guys to a state park for a Cub Scout activity.

This week was XMA camp at taekwondo and Ani worked three days of it. She also worked her normal Monday and Wednesday evening and will be working again tonight and tomorrow morning making it so she’s working every day they are open this week (twice today). Tomorrow is the last regular dual swim meet. Pretty much I’ve been Mom Taxi this week.

Next week is belt testing Wednesday and Thursday. Sunday Adrian will be turning 8. Amazingly, July looks pretty calm. But it’s still only the middle of June. July may still end up just as crazy as June.