A Year of Science Bags

I learned years ago that unless I put science supplies together in weekly bags, I am not likely to do all the experiments planned. Last year, I planned to do three weeks at a time, but then I was getting ready to have surgery and not knowing how recovery would go, I went ahead and assembled the bags for the rest of the school year. It helped so much having things ready and waiting that this year I decided to put them together now so everything is ready before the school year even starts.


There is one bag for each week of school/chapter in REAL Science Odyssey Biology 2. That means each bag holds supplies for 2-3 experiments.


Each bag has a card listing what additional supplies we need for the experiments. Sometimes those supplies are on the shelf (too big to fit in the bags), sometimes they are things in the kitchen, and sometimes they are things we use day to day.


The bags fit nicely in the bin. Each week, we can just grab the bag from the front and get to work. Super easy.


Not everything I ordered has arrived at this point (should be here Wednesday), so I have a “cheat sheet” telling me what I need to add to the bags. It also lists what I need to buy (perishables), grow (radish plants), or find (dead insects) for certain weeks. I’ll probably transfer that list into my Bullet Journal so it’s always handy throughout the year. It feels nice to be all ready for the whole science year like this.

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