Not Back to School Day 2016

Tomorrow we’ll hit the books, but today, while everyone else went back to school, we celebrated Not Back to School Day with a trip to the San Antonio Aquarium.

The first hallway of the aquarium includes displays of dinosaurs and one of those interactive games projected on the floor.

Most of the aquarium exhibits are interactive, but a few are not. The shark egg was fascinating because the little tiny shark inside was wiggling all over the place.

This critter, and axolotl, was a bit terrifying.

I think a megaladon could’ve eaten the boys in one gulp.

We petted and fed the stingrays.

This teeny tiny baby stingray was adorable and so incredibly soft.

We also fed the koi.

And the sharks.

The big birds were beautiful. I’ve never seen one as pretty as the red one. The green one was doing its best to unlock the door and escape from the cage.

I was surprised at how the iguanas feel. Their skin isn’t at all how I imagined it.

Fritz likes to get up close and personal with the animals. I’m glad there was a thick sheet of glass between him and the Burmese Python (and that he’s not Harry Potter).

Cameron had his fortune told by a creepy pirate. Not quite Zoltar, but still pretty cool.

There was a whole conversation about who would be the second female mermaid. Littlest brothers will do anything you tell them.

We fed the caiman. One wasn’t interested at all, one was suspicious of the food hanging in front of him, and the other gobbled it right up.

We all got to pet a caiman.

The parakeets were awesome. So many of them looked like the ones we used to have, Mickey and Goofy



The parakeets swarmed all over us to get the birdseed we got to feed them.

Adrian hung out with the tortoise roaming around the gift shop.

The little guys played in the I-Guana Jump area. They had a great time.

After we left the aquarium we went to Golden Corral for lunch. Cameron ate a ton (amazing what a tall, active teenage boy can eat at one time!) and the boys got cotton candy, so it was a wonderful meal all around.

Check out previous years’ Not Back to School Days: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2015. (I missed blogging about Not Back to School Day in 2011 and they went to public school in 2013.)

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