Back to School

We started back to school yesterday and so I of course took their pictures and asked them some questions. See how they’ve changed from last year!



Adrian, age 8 years 2 months, 3rd grade

Favorite food: Pasta with Parmesan
Favorite movie: The BFG
Favorite book: I don’t know
Favorite song: I don’t know that either
Favorite subject: Experiments
Favorite thing to do: Play video games
Favorite color: Yellow
Wants to be when he grows up: Marine Biologist
Height: 4’1″
Weight: 57 lbs





Fritz, age 10 years 1 month, 5th grade

Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite movie: The BFG
Favorite book: Artemis Fowl
Favorite song: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots
Favorite subject: Latin
Favorite thing to do: Video games
Favorite color: Dark Blue
Wants to be when he grows up: Cancer Researcher
Height: 4’6″
Weight: 81 1/2 lbs




Cameron, age 14 years 10 months, 9th grade

Favorite food: Food
Favorite movie: I don’t know
Favorite book: Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein
Favorite song: I don’t know
Favorite subject: The one that doesn’t exist
Favorite thing to do: Sleeping
Favorite color: Pink
Wants to be when he grows up: I have no idea
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 140 lbs




Ani, age 16 years 6 months, 12th grade

Favorite food: Popcorn
Favorite movie: Rise of the Guardians
Favorite book: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Favorite song: On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter
Favorite subject: Psychology
Favorite thing to do: Taekwondo
Favorite color: Orange or green
Wants to be when he grows up: Own a taekwondo place
Height: 5’3 3/4″
Weight: 110 lbs



Bonus: Heather, age 38 years 4 months, teacher
Favorite food: Salad
Favorite book: Harry Potter series
Favorite movie: Miracle on 34th Street (original version)
Favorite TV show: Psych
Favorite song: Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
Favorite subject: History
Favorite color: Purple and sometimes green

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