Some thoughts on reading


Fritz is totally going to finish his eleven assigned books for the year by Christmas at the rate he’s going. He finished the first one in 8 school days. In one school day, he’s up to 15% of his second book. He clearly reads faster than I thought he did (he is assigned to read 30-45 minutes a day).

Adrian really cannot claim he doesn’t know how to read anymore. He often makes that claim, but it’s because he sometimes needs help, particularly with named like Aphrodite, Zeus, Olympus, and Menelaus. On the other hand, he reads with no hesitation at all words like delicious, flickering, ferociously, and triumph.

Speaking of reading, the day after tomorrow a British travel author I like, Tony James Slater, and his Australian wife, Roo, are arriving to stay with us for two nights. They are traveling around the US staying with fans along the way. This trip will be the subject of his sixth book. On Monday we’ll be taking them to the Alamo, River Walk, maybe on the river boat tour, maybe the Tower of the Americas, and to a Labor Day cookout at our friends’ house (where they can experience a good old-fashioned Mormon barbecue, meaning no alcohol and lots of kids). So it should be interesting. And really cool that reading can make such things happen!

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