Tinker and Doodle Crate

A few weeks ago we decided to give Tinker Crate for the boys and Doodle Crate for Ani a try. They gotten one crate so far and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second this week.

The first Tinker Crate had the boys play with making 3-D images. They put together a viewer that has spots for nearly identical sets of cards facing mirrors. They look through it and see the pictures merged together in 3-D.

It also came with a round mirror that sits on paper with a picture on it. The picture is reflected in the mirror and appears to be 3-D. The crate also included dot to dot pages and special blank pages with instructions on how to make their own reflectable images.

A nice little booklet was included in the crate with the instructions and explanations. If this crate is any indication, we’ll be having many months of fun with our Tinker Crates!

Ani’s first Doodle Crate directed her to make little embossed paper lanterns and then string them together to create a pretty, fun light for her room. The embossing and holepunching tools it came with were of excellent quality. The instructions were easy to understand.

The result was beautiful (actually, she’s not quite done yet – she still can make and add a few more lanterns). She can’t wait to get started on this month’s project (a personalized desktop corkboard).

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