Speeding Through Assigned Reading

Fritz had eleven books assigned to him for the year. He’s just flying through them. We finished the seventh week of school today. He finished his fifth book. His sixth book is very short so no doubt he’ll finish it two or three school days.

Four of the last five books are a bit longer than the rest so I figure 8ish weeks for them (though, clearly, I am terrible at estimating how fast he’ll read). That still puts him finishing all eleven by Christmas. We’ll probably have him read the Percy Jackson books after that since he has really been enjoying mythology.

I just can’t believe I so incredibly underestimated his reading speed!

3 thoughts on “Speeding Through Assigned Reading

  1. Hi Heather, My name is Caren and my darling 8yr old 3rd grade daughter was just diagnosed with Orthographic Processing Disorder. Of course, like you….I’m on the hunt for as much info as possible on this. Both my father and brother are Dyslexic
    ( type I’m not sure) and I noticed that my girl who is super bright ( now we know she is gifted) was not making sense of her reading and spelling back in 1st grade. I pushed school to test her and they finally did at the end of 2nd grade. They gave her every test in the book and came back to tell me they did not find her to be dyslexic-but gifted with “fluency issues”. I did not take this as an answer and since we have an existing relationship with a private Neuropsychologist (as my son is highly gifted with executive functioning deficit) I passed my daughters testing by her. She did her own set of testing and then sent us to a literacy specialist for more testing. We just had all the “wrap up” meetings last week and now with the correct answers I’m looking for ways to remediate her while we discuss this with her public school. Our school only offers “WILSON” as a form of remediation and it is phonics based. I noticed you mentioned Orton Gillingham as a program. This does not address Ortho processing as far as I know ( unfortunately that’s what our tutor has been using with my daughter) My girl does not struggle with phonics and actually has a phonetic memory in the superior range. Both our private Dr’s are saying she HAS TO have the “seeing stars” program from Lindamood-Bell. Have you heard of this? I’m thinking of purchasing the program
    ( not cheap- $499-) but I can not loose anymore time with my sweet gifted girl as her esteem is fading and she’s like your boy-a hard worker and driven to do well. Just wanted to reach out to you as I read your statement that you have heard of only one other child with Ortho dysfunction….I did read it’s RARE to have phonics in place but Ortho not. Reach out to me if you would like. Be well! Caren

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