Art in October

Blow Up: We took a picture from our deck and then spent three minutes looking at the picture. Then we went back and identified something we had not noticed the billions of times we’d been out there and took a picture of just that specific thing.

Caption Contest: We printed a picture provided by The Art Assignment and added a caption to it. Cameron wrote “Missing Man” in the shape of a man standing in the boots. Fritz wrote “Lonely boots that got lost in time.” Adrian just wrote “Hi.”

Constructed Landscape: We considered what sorts of things could be considered a landscape and then created some. Cameron used our dog and called it Dog Mountain. Fritz drew a picture and set it against the wall and then photographed it from several angles and picked the one he liked best. Adrian set up some Wii figures against a pillow, took a bunch of pictures, and picked the angle he liked best.

Present Perimeter: We learned about the Present Perimeter System (1 hexagon, 3 half hexagons, 3 rhombuses, and 3 triangles) and created works using those shapes. Cameron used paper while Fritz and Adrian chose clay.

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