Frog Dissection

Today was the dreaded day. Today was the day we dissected a frog.


Fritz started out brave and made the first cuts.


Adrian was quite interested looking inside at the organs and identifying them.


Cameron, meanwhile, stayed across the deck as far away from the frog as possible. He is perfectly willing to turn in his Man Card if it means he doesn’t have to touch a preserved frog or see very much while it’s being dissected.


The dissection eventually got to Fritz and he couldn’t stop gagging. He’s now rethinking the idea of becoming a doctor.


It was fascinating. Somehow I never dissected a frog. Cats, sheep heart, cow eye, etc. in A&P in college, yes, but never a frog.


I think the boys (at least the older two) are glad that is over and they won’t be dissecting anything else this year.

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