October Science Experiments

We leaned about DNA and made a double helix partially unzipped with a section being replicated with RNA. We used marshmallows (the different colors represent different amino acids), beads, toothpicks, and pipe cleaners to make it.

We extracted some DNA from Cameron’s cheek cells and then looked at it under the microscope. It was quite complicated and only worked so-so.

We learned about mitosis and made posters showing the life cycle of a cell. Those posters are now on the walls of our dining room (aka schoolroom).

We viewed a prepared slide of an allium (onion) root tip. We could see the cells undergoing mitosis.

We learned about the phases of meiosis. We made a flipbook showing each part.

We viewed a prepared slide of a lily anther undergoing meiosis.

We compared the genetics of the boys and their parents and three of their grandparents.

We looked at hair under the microscope.

We created our very own Qwuitekutesnute. We laid out attributes from the mother and father along with whether those traits were dominant or recessive. Then we flipped a coin to randomly assign those attributes. Using basic DD, rr, Dr, we applied those traits to our baby, resulting in our own unique Qwitekutesnute.

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