Art in November

Object Empathy: The boys each found an object that they felt sorry for and then changed it somehow to make it better. Cameron noticed a little crack in our windshield and place a band-aid over it. Fritz found a broken piece of slate and taped it back together. Adrian found a pencil he got at a birthday party and sharpened it so it could be used.

Make It Break It: The boys each created something and then had a brother break it. The ruined object or the act of ruining it became part of their work of art. Cameron and Adrian built cardboard creations. Fritz stabbed Cameron’s and Cameron burned Adrian’s. Fritz built a Magna-Tile building and Adrian smashed it. The pictures above are pre-destruction.

Breaking Cameron’s creation:

Breaking Fritz’s creation:

Breaking Adrian’s creation:

It took a bit to get it to catch fire. It was pretty windy out.

Once it caught fire it was quite a roaring one.

Fake Flyer: For this one the boys had to create a flyer for something that doesn’t exist. They decided to make one for when Donald Trump makes good on his (also fake) campaign promise to blow up the moon so he can sell the cheese for $199 per ounce. They all pitched in to make up the content and design of the flyer.

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