Ani’s Room, Part 2

Several months ago I posted about starting to redo Ani’s room. It’s been slow going, but we’re almost done (much to Cameron’s delight since his room is next – thankfully his plan is way simpler than Ani’s!).

Once we had her room all painted white, I used Frog Tape to form randomly sized triangles all around her room.

Then we used the five colors Ani picked out (yellow, blue, purple, orange, and green) to randomly paint inside the triangles. (The exception to the triangles is behind the shelves where it is pink and behind the desk where it is deep pinkish red.)

When we pulled off the tape, the edges were rather fuzzy. The texture on our walls makes it so good lines take a lot of work. I spent about 40 or so hours listening to Literary Disco podcasts and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and making those lines nice and straight. (Side note: I usually can’t pay attention to audiobooks, but while doing something mindless apparently I can.)

Jamie, Cameron, and Fritz installed the floor. Once we got a good saw it went in so fast. It’s gorgeous.

We put in new baseboard trim. The old stuff looked white until we painting the room white. Then it looked like an ugly shade of yellowish beige.

I painted the shelves white (they were as ugly as the old baseboards).

We installed an outlet with USB ports. We painted the outlet and light switch covers random colors from the triangles and screwed them in place. The outlet covers on the shelves/desk wall are painted the pink/pinkish red opposite what the walls they are on.

We got a bedset that goes nicely with the room and white cordless blinds for the windows. Ani loves being back in her room again even though it’s not quite done yet (she was sleeping in the room my parents will be in once they move here).

We still need to finish painting her door white and put that up, get curtains for her windows, and do a few touch-ups on the triangles. Her closet is a different story. We removed the door and wire shelving and painted the walls and ceiling using the leftover paint from the shelves/desk wall. In there, she is planning to build chests to hold her clothes that double as reading benches. She’s planning to get a little chandelier and beads to go in the doorway making it a nice, cozy little nook. We’re going to move on to Cameron’s room before we finish her closet, though.

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