Black Belts

Six months ago Fritz had planned on testing for his first degree black belt, but then he got croup the week of testing and wasn’t quite ready so he decided to wait 6 months and test with Jamie and me. And then we all got sick last week, but this time it was just head colds so we were still able to test. I woke up Saturday dizzy which made testing a bit more interesting.


Fritz has always had a bit of a rough time with taekwondo. It doesn’t come easily to him at all. The Chief of Instruction here even suggested he wait yet another six months to test. Instead, he practiced a lot, went to extra classes, and took a few private lessons. All that hard work paid off in a big way. He was so incredibly excited when he got his new, personalized belt.


Jamie and I both have to retest in February before we can wear our belts to class (about half of everyone who tested Saturday need to retest). The only thing that really annoys me about that is it means I have to go to 6 more weeks of classes when I really would rather have a break!


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