November and December Science Experiments

We opened the second jar of applesauce we canned two months ago. Nobody was brave enough to eat it, though.

We identified the parts of a plant.

We made a slide using the root and looked at it under the microscope.

We dissected a lima bean and identified the seed parts.

We dissected a flower and identified all the parts.

We made a battery out of a lime, pennies, nails, wire, and a calculator.

We looked at sound waves by plucking guitar strings and rubberbands stretched between our fingers.

Cameron punched a word in braille on cardboard and the other two boys tried to read it with their fingers.

We looked at a slide of skin cells.

We assembled a filtration system (to show how a kidney works) using a two-liter bottle, rocks, sand, cotton balls, and coffee filters. They ran water mixed with dirt and oil through it.

We balanced on one foot and observed how their bodies worked to keep them upright.

We shined a flashlight in their eyes to see how their pupils automatically constrict when exposed to light.

We demonstrated how the body wants to stay in homeostatis. They checked their pulse (Fritz’s was 72 beats per minute) and then exercised for one full minute. They checked their pulse again (Fritz’s went up to 108 beats per minute). Then they relaxed for five minutes and then checked their pulse one more time (Fritz’s had gotten back down to 78 beats per minute).

I told each of them their birth stories. Adrian apologized for being born 12 days late.

And, of course, we dissected a frog.

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