Guinea Pig Mansion

For one of his Webelos electives, Fritz had to make blueprints and plans to make something useful. He and Ani worked together and designed a 5×2 plus 1×1 bumpout C&C guinea pig cage (well, really, at that size for two piggies, it’s more like a mansion).

Everyone got involved on New Year’s Eve working on creating the cage from the plans.

We put Hera in the cage to check it out before adding the fleece and special additions on the ends. She seemed to approve.

One end has a double decker area (Adrian calls it their bunk bed). Hera gets the top bunk because she’s the only one who can get up on it. She just hops right up while Demeter tries to pull herself up (and fails every time).

The bumpout has a curtain in front giving it a little more privacy. Like the upper bunk is Hera’s special place, the bumpout is Demeter’s. She likes to hide so it is perfect for her.

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