Scout Law Box

Adrian’s working toward his Wolf badge in Cub Scouts right now. One of the requirement options for his Hometown Heroes elective adventure was to honor a serviceman by sending a care package along with a note thanking them for their service. We decided that would be fun to do (and could also be our random act of kindness for the month).


I talked to my friend who has a currently deployed son and asked if we could send him a box. She said they love themed care packages so we decided to get creative and choose things that fit the words of the Scout Law (and included what I wrote below to explain why we chose each item).

A Scout is trustworthy (you have to be trustworthy to play cards with your friends),

loyal (tissues will always be loyal to you, ready and waiting when you need to blow your nose),

helpful (a Lego kit is always helpful for passing the time),

friendly (conversation hearts have friendly sayings whether you eat them yourself or share them with others),

courteous (Tic Tacs help you be courteous by making sure your breath is nice before you speak to others),

kind (you should always be kind to your feet and foot cream will help you),

obedient (when you are being obedient and following orders and marching, socks will be your constant companion),

cheerful (there’s no way not to be cheerful when you’ve got comic books to read),

thrifty (you need to shave and disposable razors are the thrifty way to do it),

brave (if you get a cut, superhero band-aids will help you be brave),

clean (no explanation is necessary for how toilet paper helps you get clean),

and reverent (throat lozenges help you be reverent by making sure you can always pray, even out loud)

(and always hungry (while technically not part of The Scout Law, we all know Scouts are always hungry, so jerky will help that just a little)).


We hope my friend’s son and his buddies enjoy the box as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

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