It’s been a long week


Ani’s been having a whole lot of pain. The doctor keeps asking us what the major problem is and we’ve figured it out. Pain. Pain prevents her from sleeping. Pain makes her tired. Pain makes her miserable. So much pain. She complained about feeling like her neck isn’t strong enough to hold up her head for quite some time now. Now her neck hurts horribly. She has headaches and has complained about it being particularly bad just above her left eyebrow. Her spine hurts all the time and sometimes that pain radiates out toward her left side. She went to an Airrosti doctor last summer and that helped her back pain quite a bit, but it’s even worse now. A teenage girl shouldn’t have so much pain. She’s also having random times where her extremities and face get tingly and numb. Her tongue really seems to like to go numb.

Last Friday she had an MRI of her brain. It shows low-lying cerebellar tonsils (and she has pretty much every symptom) so now Chiari malformation is on our list of possibilities. Next Friday she is having an upright MRI with flexion and extension. That’ll tell us if that’s the problem or not.

Saturday she was in severe pain and had barely slept in four days so we took her to the ER. They gave her pain meds and anti-nausea meds and for the first time in weeks, she was pretty much pain free when we left the ER and got a wonderful night of sleep. I noticed soon after they gave her the medicine she was moving her neck all around. I hadn’t realized how little she has been moving her neck.

Monday she saw an allergist (she’s allergic to cats and is so mad at her father for passing that along to her). He did a CT scan of her sinuses and she had a very nasty sinus infection. So nasty she’s on strong antibiotics twice a day for two weeks and we’ve been told it might not be clear by the end of those. So nasty what when her primary care doctor got the report he called to be doubly sure she takes all her antibiotics. She had no symptoms from it, though we are wondering if that’s what was causing her recurring low grade fever last fall. Guess where the sinus infection is. Right above her left eyebrow. Right where she’s been complaining of a headache for months.

Tuesday she saw her regular doctor and he put her on pain medicine. Of course we haven’t been able to actually get that medication because our insurance company says she doesn’t need it. I love it when insurance companies play doctor.

Wednesday she was dizzier than normal and got worse throughout the day. Eventually she was so bad she was stumbling and fell a couple times. That was weird, and new, so we took her back to the ER. They were concerned enough that they admitted her. We ended up sitting in the ER all night waiting for a bed to open up for her. (And because of that I was awake for 40 hours straight.) They released her last night.

They don’t know what the main cause of her issues is, but they did discover she has POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Her heartrate relaxed laying down was 55-65 beats per minute. When she’d sit up, it would jump to 130s-140s. More than double. Her blood pressure doesn’t really change (sometimes goes up) when she stands. We had wondered if that was one of her issues. Now we know. When they discharged her they told her it must be because she was dehydrated, but both Saturday and Wednesday in the ER they gave her a bag of fluid and both times said she wasn’t actually dehydrated before giving it but it was something they could do. They told her to try to drink 1 1/2 liters of water a day (she usually drinks more than that anyway). So not too helpful on how to treat it, but good we now know what one of her issues is.

Meanwhile, yesterday while Jamie and Ani were at the hospital I had to run home and take Fritz to the allergist (huge surprise: mild peanut allergy). Then this morning Lola had a check-up at the vet. We already have three medical things scheduled for next week (and need to schedule a blood draw for Fritz to check to see exactly how bad his peanut allergy is and to check for a few other things as well).

It’s been a long week, but we might be closer to a diagnosis for Ani. Her sinuses are hurting now and she’s got nasty postnasal drip and she’s been running a fever. These are actually all good signs that the antibiotics are working and her sinus infection is breaking up. Her pain and dizziness are getting a little better (headed back to just bad rather than extreme) so I really think the sinus infection was really complicating things.

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