Art in February

Boundaries: The boys had to represent a boundary somehow. Cameron kicked the door to show breaking down boundaries (he wanted to actually kick the door down, but I vetoed that). Fritz connected the boundary between the floor and the guinea pig cage with Duplos. Adrian showed himself refusing an orange because eating one is a boundary he is not willing to cross (he is allergic to oranges).

Imaginary Friend: The boys had to create an imaginary friend and give it a back story. Cameron’s friend is an unnamed Asian owl that does not speak English and is an unemployed vagrant. As this owl is imaginary, Cameron chose not to represent him in physical form. Fritz drew a rattlesnake named Jerald. This rattlesnake is always paying attention and reminds him that dreams are not real. Adrian adamantly refused to come up with anything, though he stood on his head on the couch for quite some time thinking about the fact that he wasn’t going to even try to come up with an imaginary friend.

The Muster: The boys had to create a uniform for whatever cause they would fight for. Cameron would fight for the right to sleep all day and Adrian would fight for the right to watch YouTube videos all day. Fritz, however, actually took the assignment seriously and made a badge for his uniform. He said he would fight for the rights of all people no matter what their gender or race.


Collaborate With Son Lux: The boys had to listen to a song by musician and composer Son Lux (Ryan Lott) and use it for inspiration to collaborate with him. They chose to make a stop motion animation, Boom Goes the Dynamite, with 7 seconds of the song as the soundtrack. The little guys made the backdrop and Cameron made the clay characters.

Whitescapes: The boys had to find two white objects and compare the colors. Then they had to change the light source and compare them again and name the colors they saw.

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