History in March

After Spring Break, we decided to change our history a bit and finish out our ancients year using Layers of Learning (just using the history portion). The boys are enjoying it much more and I think they are learning more, too. Cameron and Adrian both learn so much better hands on and Fritz, while he learns any way I throw at him, enjoys the hands on stuff a lot.

In March we did two weeks using Year 1, Unit 4 (Ancient Greece).

We colored the city-states on a map of ancient Greece and identified ones still around today and the ones that had letters written to the church there in the New Testament.

We had a little mini-Olympics. The boys (and Lola) ran a footrace (notice Cameron is barefoot as usual).

And the little boys competed in the long jump.

Adrian told his brothers about bull-leaping in Crete. He had read a book that talked about it a few weeks ago. Then they built a bull out of blankets and pillows and took turns jumping over it. Eventually, Lola claimed the bull as her own and spent quite a bit of the rest of the day hanging out on its back.

We learned about the Greek and Persian War (and also the Peloponnesian War). We colored a map showing the different sides and neutral areas. We looked at the big world map and found the area and what countries they are today.

We acted about some bits of the wars. Cameron decided they surely had tiny war wolves so Lola had to join us. We made a video reenacting Pheidippides’ Marathon.

We learned about Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns.

We watched a Crash Course World History video about Alexander the Great.

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