Cameron’s a Second Degree!

Cameron tested for his second degree black belt in taekwondo on Saturday.

On Monday he received his new belt at the Black Belt Candlelight Ceremony.

They sat and thought about the journey that has gotten them this far on the path to black belt and beyond.

Then they punched toward their candle flame to put it out (Cameron’s the second in the row).

They each got to come up and receive their new belt from their instructor.2nddegree4

He was most excited to get his new belt because it means that after a year and a half he finally gets to start learning a new form.2nddegree5

The amount of time and effort behind a new belt is huge.2nddegree6

His old belt was pretty much gray now from so much use.2nddegree7

Because of some changes in chief instructors, Mr. Meza is no longer at the location where we go, but he has been our instructor for the last 3 1/2 years (and he’s still close by so we’ll still see him a lot).2nddegree8

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