What We’ll Be Learning When

When we start back to school in just over a week, we’ll be using year 2 (with a few science topics switched for ones from year 1) of Layers of Learning for our all together work (history, geography, science, the arts).

Weeks 1-2 (August 29-September 8)
Byzantines, Turkey, Climate and Seasons, Byzantine Art

Weeks 3-4 (September 11-22)
Barbarians, Ireland, Forecasting, Illumination

Week 5 (September 25-29)
Islam, Arabian Peninsula, Clouds and Precipitation, Creative Kids

Weeks 6-7 (October 2-13)
Vikings, Norway, Special Effects, Viking Art

Week 8 (October 16-20)
Anglo Saxons, Britain, Wild Weather, King Arthur Tales

Weeks 9-10 (October 23-November 3)
Charlemagne, France, Planets, Carolingian Art

Weeks 11-12 (November 6-17)
Normans, Nigeria, Stars, Canterbury Tales

Weeks 13-14 (November 27-December 8)
Feudal System, Germany, Earth and Moon, Gothic Art

Weeks 15-16 (December 11-22)
Crusades, Balkans, Satellites, Religious Art

Weeks 17-18 (January 8-19)
Burgundy, Venice, and Spain, Switzerland, Humans in Space, Oil Paints

Week 19 (January 22-26)
Wars of the Roses, Russia, Health, Minstrels and Plays

Weeks 20-21 (January 29-February 9)
Eastern Europe, Hungary, Metals, Printmaking

Weeks 22-23 (February 12-23)
African Kingdoms, Mali, Carbon Chemistry, Textiles

Weeks 24-25 (February 26-March 9)
Asian Kingdoms, Southeast Asia, Non-Metals, Vivid Language

Weeks 26-27 (March 19-30)
Mongols, Caucasus, Salts, Fun With Poetry

Weeks 28-29 (April 2-13)
China and Japan, China, Electricity, Asian Arts

Week 30 (April 16-20)
Pacific Peoples, Micronesia, Circuits, Pacific Island Arts

Weeks 31-32 (April 23-May 4)
American Peoples, Canada, Technology, Indian Legends

Weeks 33-34 (May 7-18)
The Renaissance, Italy, Magnetism, Renaissance Art I

Week 35 (May 21-25)
Explorers, Caribbean Sea, Motors, Renaissance Art II

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