Science: Climate & Seasons

The first two weeks of school we learned about Climate and Seasons using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 1.

We read a book about how the sun makes the seasons.

We put a balloon over the mouth of a jar and placed the jar in a pan of boiling water. The heat from the water blew up the balloon.

We made a sundial.

We pulled the colors out of spinach leaves. We mashed up the spinach and then covered them in nail polish remover. We put a piece of coffee filter barely into the nail polish remover and then waited several hours. Eventually, we could see shades of green, yellow, brown, and red on the coffee filter.


We watched Bill Nye the Science Guy: Climates.

We colored maps showing climate change through ice melt, a climate map, and El Niño weather patterns.

We put one cup of water and five ice cubes in jars. We put a sandwich baggie over one jar and left both in the sun for one hour. After an hour, we checked the temperatures of the water. The jar with the baggie over it was 12 degrees warmer than the jar without, demonstrating how the greenhouse effect works.

We showed how the water moves in an El Niño by pouring very cold (dyed blue) water through a funnel into very hot (dyed red) water and then blowing warm air from a hair dryer over it.

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