Geography: Ireland

The second two weeks of school we learned about Ireland using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 2. Since the kids have a grandmother living in Ireland, it’s a place they hear about a lot. Cameron remembers a lot about the month we spent there in 2013. Fritz and Adrian have vague memories of it.

We found places, including their Nan’s house, on the map of Ireland.

We looked through the book I made of pictures from our trip to Ireland.

We watched a video of a Riverdance performance.

We learned about the Aran Islands and watched a video about them.

We had a feast of Irish stew, Irish flag veggies, and (gluten free) soda bread.

We learned about the annual Puck Festival.

The boys each learned about a famous Irish person and taught what they learned to their brothers. (Cameron chose John B. Cosgrave, Fritz picked Jonathan Swift, and Adrian learned about Ernest Shackleton.)

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