Geography: Arabian Peninsula

We spent one week learning about the Arabian Peninsula using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 3.

We identified where all the countries are on the Arabian peninsula and made a puzzle out of them.

We learned about the oil boom and watched part of an episode of Dirty Jobs showing what oil workers do.

We demonstrated how oil comes out of the ground by putting water in a cup and topping it with plastic wrap and sand. Then we stabbed a straw through the sand and plastic wrap. When we took the straw back out, we watched the “oil” bubbling up through the hole in the “ground.”

Each boy picked a country and drew their flag, learned what the colors stand for, and shared what they learned with their brothers. Cameron chose Yemen, Fritz picked Oman, and Adrian chose the United Arab Emirates.

We watched a video of Bedouin dancers (impressive!).

We showed how Bahrain could be surrounded by both fresh and salt water at the same time using eggs. We filled one cup with plain water. The egg sank to the bottom. We filled a second cup with salt water. The egg floated. We partially filled the third cup with salt water and then slowly added plain water dyed blue to the cup. The two types of water did not mix and so the egg stayed in the middle on top of the salt water and below the fresh water.

We watched a video about the oldest skyscraper city (in Yemen).

Each boy chose a different animal to learn about and give reports on to his brothers (Cameron oryx, Fritz dab lizard, Adrian sand cat).

We made gluten free naan bread and ate it with hummus.

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