Science: Stars

Weeks 11 and 12 of school we learned about stars using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 7.

We learned about how stars are classified (our sun is a G).

The boys researched famous physicists and gave oral reports on them. Adrian chose Neil deGrasse Tyson, Fritz picked Stephen Hawking, and Cameron chose Richard Feynman.

We learned about the life cycle of stars.

We learned about the zodiac, identified which one we each are, and all agreed that the strengths/weaknessses descriptions of people with each sign were silly. (Cameron’s Libra, Fritz is Cancer, Adrian is Gemini, Ani is Aquarius, my mom is Virgo, my dad is Capricorn, I’m Aries, and Jamie and Ani’s boyfriend are Scorpio.)

We watched a video about how we are all connected and how amazing that is.

For several nights we checked outside trying to see the stars, but apparently forgot we live in south Texas where, this time of year, there is always some cloud cover.

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