History: Feudal System

Weeks 13 and 14 of school we learned about the Feudal System using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 8.

The boys each picked a person or group to research and give an oral report on. Cameron picked the Knights Templar, Fritz picked William Tell, and Adrian chose Peter Abelard.

The boys acted out a fealty ceremony.

We watched videos about the castles William the Conquerer built.

We did mapwork about medieval trade routes.

The boys put together a medieval fair. Fritz sold drawings. Adrian juggled (or attempted to). Cameron sold invisible horses.

The boys each picked a guild they would be in and drew a symbol for it and came up with prices. Cameron would join the taekwondo guild, Fritz the art guild, and Adrian the video game playing guild.

The boys looked at a map of a typical village and chose where they would want to live. When given the choice between being a slave, a serf, or a freeman, they all chose to be free.

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