Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, Days 1-8

We’re doing #24RACKs (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) again this year. We love doing this, making the last few weeks before Christmas extra special. It’s mostly me and Fritz doing it, but sometimes other people get involved.

On Friday the 1st, we dropped heads up pennies on the sidewalk. Fritz made a smiley face out of some of them in front of our neighborhood mailboxes. A few days later he discovered that someone had reformed the pennies into a stick figure so that was fun.

On Saturday the 2nd, we made cards for people in Sutherland Springs Texas (the mass shooting a few weeks ago at the church).

On Sunday the 3rd, we did secret acts of kindness for other people. One of the things Fritz did was make hot chocolate for Ani.

On Monday the 4th, we did chores for people in our family. Fritz cleaned Ani’s birds’ cage for her.

On Tuesday the 5th, we left happy notes in random library books.

On Wednesday the 6th, we left bubbles at our neighbor’s front door.

On Thursday the 7th, we wrote notes to other people in our family. We had to switch this one with another planned day because of the weather. We got snow in south Texas!

On Friday the 8th, we gave an Amazon gift card to our mail carrier. This one also had to be switched with another day because of weather.

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, Days 1-8

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