History: Crusades

Weeks 15 and 16 of school we learned about the Crusades using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 9.

Some of our timeline pages are getting really full!

We looked at St. George and the Dragon artwork.

The boys played Crusaders and Kings (Fritz and Adrian both died, but Cameron lived on to a great age).

The boys each picked a different type of person who would have gone on a Crusade and made up what happened to them on the journey. Cameron chose a merchant. He outfitted others who were going on Crusades, but stayed home and got rich. Fritz chose a nobleman. He fought and returned injured, but successful. Adrian chose a peasant man. He went part of the way and then ran away back home before any fighting happened.

We talked about and looked at Rhodes.

The boys came up with a folk remedy (heat) to cure the Plague.

We showed the path of the spread of the Plague on a map.

Using glitter to represent plague bacteria, the boys infected each other with plague by shaking hands and high fiving.

We made an army of Knights Hospitallers.

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