Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, Days 17-24

We have completed the final 8 days of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (see days 1-8 here and days 9-16 here).

On Sunday the 17th, he boys took treats to their primary teachers.

On Monday the 18th, we taped change to a vending machine.

On Tuesday the 19th, we paid for someone else’s food at Kneader’s.

On Wednesday the 20th, we attempted to put carts in the corrals at Target and HEB, but there were none to put away. So, instead, we rearranged the carts in the corrals at HEB so they’d be easier for the employees to take back up to the store.

On Thursday the 21st, we took food to the food bank.

On Friday the 22nd, we left microwave popcorn on Redbox machines.

On Saturday the 23rd, we candy cane bombed a parking lot.

On Sunday the 24th, we used hug coupons to get hugs from each other.

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