Adrian’s 10th Birthday

Adrian turned 10 last Tuesday. We are so lucky to have had this boy with us for a whole decade.

He wore his new Pokemon pajamas on his last night as a 9-year-old.

Jamie and I took the boys to see Trolls, the Kids Camp movie at Alamo Drafthouse last week.

We had macaroni and cheese “made the good way” (by his grandmother) for lunch (we had crepes – he put peanut butter and jelly on his – made by Cameron for breakfast).

His presents were spy stuff and science kits.

He made bubble solution and giant bubbles.

We had jambalaya for dinner.

He really liked his spy glasses. They are mirrored so he can see in front of and behind him while wearing them.

Jamie and I went to DC

Jamie had a week of training in DC that just happened to be the same week as our 20th anniversary so I went with him. While he was in class all day I wandered all over the place (I walked well over 40 miles that week).

I went to the Renwick Gallery. I love that place. The art is really unique.

Down by the White House there was a dancing Trump clown. Between him and the various random protesters (including the octogenarian anti-NRA crowd), it was like a party over there.

I went to National Geographic and lunch with my sister. I am no good at taking selfies.

DC is beautiful.

I found everything Truman related in the American History Museum.

I went to the Smithsonian Castle. Somehow I never realized they have a random collection of stuff there.

I met an on-line friend at the Natural History Museum one day.

Jamie and I went to see Oceans 8 the Thursday it came out. That was also the day the Caps won the Stanley Cup. Without realizing, we got tickets at the theater right next to where the Caps play. There was a vast sea of fans in red out on the street there. It was amazing (and extra amazing when the Caps won not long after we finished watching the movie).

I went to the Air and Space Museum. It’s a lot smaller than I remember from when I was a kid. I went to see a show in the planetarium. That was really cool.

I went to the Sculpture Garden. This has always been my very favorite sculpture.

We went to visit my aunt. It was so nice to see her.

We moved to a hotel in Virginia the last few days. I was sitting there reading one day when the fire alarm went off. It was a false alarm, but I got to stand out in the drizzling rain and cold while the fire department cleared us to go back inside.

We flew home after 10 days away. It was nice to be back in San Antonio.

As part of their bedtime routine, I tuck stuffed animals in with the boys. I picked out these adorable little bears to bring back to them. They love them.

I think Lola was the happiest to have us home. The last few days we were gone she got sadder and sadder and was quite listless. She wouldn’t let me out of her sight for a couple days after I got home!

The Arts: Renaissance Art II

Week 35 of school we learned about Renaissance art using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 20.

We watched a YouTube video about the doors that sparked the Renaissance and then drew our own doors.

We compared pre-Renaissance and Renaissance paintings of the Madonna.

We drew pictures with a vanishing point.

We examined a Brueghal painting and found some of the proverbs in it.

We drew round pictures.

We drew animals with texture.

We watched a Sister Wendy video.

Geography: Carribean Sea

Week 35 of school we learned about islands in the Caribbean Sea using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 20.

We did mapwork.

We made postcards of scenes from the Carribean.

We picked countries in the Carribean and gave reports on them.

We colored the flag of the Bahamas and answered questions about it.

We compared and contrasted Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We watched YouTube videos about the Crop Over Festival and the Cuban Missile Crisis.