History: Enlightenment

Weeks 13 and 14 of school we learned about the Enlightenment using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 9.

We added to our timeline. Some pages are totally filled and others are just getting things glued on for the first time.


We watched a couple YouTube videos.


We made our own Enlightenment Encyclopedias.


We had an enlightenment era coffeehouse. We pretended we were in Williamsburg about 1775 and talked about all sorts of things of the time. We had hot chocolate and snacks and turned the lights down like we only had candles. It was so fun.


We picked where we would go on a tour of Europe.


We discussed a painting.


We watched a YouTube video of a 1930s auto assembly line.


We put together minifigures completely individually and then in an assembly line to show how an assembly line helps things go faster.


We made finger puppets of and discussed several men from the enlightenment era.


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