Adrian’s Letter

When Cameron and Fritz turned 11, they got their Harry Potter letters. We meant to give one to Adrian on his 11th birthday, but we totally forgot! I remembered a couple days after his birthday and quickly ordered an owl from Amazon. Luckily I already had the letter on my computer so that was easy to print out for him.

The owl arrived one evening while Cameron had taken the boys to Sonic for half price milkshakes. This presented the perfect opportunity to have the owl and letter waiting for him when he got home.

We included in the letter a note saying the owl was late because it got lost on the way. In a way that was true. Amazon actually lost the first owl I ordered after it was out for delivery!

He was so happy to get his letter. For a while we weren’t sure if he actually understood that it wasn’t real. He was totally acting as if the owl was alive and everything.

After a while he asked us if he was the only one of the boys to play along and pretend it was real. He then explained that he was going to keep pretending and that was just a breaking the fourth wall moment. We should’ve known. This kid absolutely love role playing.

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