Lesson Planning


I’ve been doing a lot of lesson planning and getting assignments entered into Homeschool Planet over the last few weeks. We’re pretty much ready for school to start at the end of the month. Adrian will be a 6th grader, Fritz an 8th grader, and Cameron a senior in high school.

History, geography, science, and the arts will be through Layers of Learning again this year. We’re on year 4, modern history. We’re going to learn a lot of great stuff.

Fritz and Adrian will be doing Analytical Grammar, Beyond the Book Report, and Wordly Wise. All three boys will be doing Writer’s Workshop (which is new – and looks seriously awesome – from the Layers of Learning people).

Fritz and Adrian will be doing Teaching Textbooks for math. I was rather surprised when Adrian easily tested into pre-algebra. I shouldn’t be surprised. He’s been doing Math Mammoth for a few years and it’s really prepared him well. Fritz tested into Algebra I, but that was not a surprise at all. Cameron will be doing Khan Academy for math.

The younger two boys will be doing some test prep. They both need to learn how to do the whole bubble in an answer thing. In addition to basic test prep, Fritz will be doing some simple studying for the ACT and PSAT. He’ll be taking the PSAT for practice near the beginning of his 9th grade year so I figured now is a good time to start getting ready for it.

Fritz will be doing Visual Latin for his foreign language. Adrian’s going to keep doing Spanish, but he’s not going to do DuoLingo anymore. Instead we’re going to have him watch cartoons in Spanish with English subtitles and see how that works for him. There’s a lot of Netflix originals that allow you to do that, including some he’s watched in English so he’s already aware of how the storyline goes.

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