Down One Kid

On Sunday Cameron moved into his own apartment. He has assured us he will be coming for Sunday dinners and we’ll see him when we take the older two of The Six to taekwondo. He picked a one bedroom because he decided he’d rather not share if he doesn’t have to.

Now we just have to get the trim in his old bedroom – which we discovered we never finished only after he moved out – done and we’ll move Fritz and Adrian into there (it’s bigger than their current room). The two-year-old will stay where he is (in Fritz and Adrian’s room) and the one-year-old will move in with his brother (leaving the babies in our room still).

The A Word and Other Adventures

There’s a song from My Turn on Earth that goes something like, “When you choose the very first step on the road, you also choose the last. So if you don’t like the end of the road, you better back up, you know you better back up fast.”

If we had known where this road was going when we decided to become foster parents and then where it was going when we accepted placement of the twins, we might have backed up. Because at that point, the thought of adopting six little kids would’ve sounded utterly insane.

But we fell in love with the twins and we fell in love with their four siblings, too. When we got to the point where reunification was not going to happen and we were not only asked if we wanted to adopt the twins, we were asked if we would consider adopting the other four as well, we realized it was time to decide if we liked the end of the road.

And the answer was yes. We did. We chose the first step on this road because we knew what the last would be. The last step is, within the next year, we will become the parents of ten kids rather than “just” four.

Currently the kids are 4 years old and under. Five boys and a girl. We have four living with us full time currently and have the other two over for visits. They are amazing kids. We can’t wait for them to officially become our little Duklings,