To Obtain Food

One of the things we are allowed to do according to our stay at home order is obtain food. I like how that’s phrased. It makes me feel at one with my hunter-gatherer ancestors.

But obtaining food, especially if you’d rather not actually go into the grocery store, is not so easy. Walmart is only opening spots once a day and only scheduling pickup two days out. HEB is scheduling a week out for pickup. So we’ve gotten creative.

I made a list of meals that will last us 2-3 weeks. The grocery list was, of course, very long. Then I went to work finding the things on my list. It’s been an interesting combination.

We got as much of the foster kids’ WIC stuff as we could at the local WIC store (lots of social distancing and only three customers allowed in at a time in there). They were out of a lot of stuff, but we did get all the formula (which is about 2/3 of the month worth) which would have taken 4 trips to HEB because of their limits.

We went to Costco where social distancing was iffy thanks to their idiotic idea of putting plants down the center of two refrigerator aisles making it impossible to not get very close to other customers in those aisles. We got quite a bit of stuff including several loaves of bread and a case of baby wipes there.

We got a food package from a small local grocery store. It was full of super high quality meat, produce, beans, rice, tortillas, eggs, and even a few rolls of toilet paper.


I was able to get a good size order placed at Walmart. I had to switch to a further away one and got a terrible time for pickup (7-8pm), but only 4 things were substituted and only 4 things were out of stock so I’m very happy.

We’ve gotten two small orders from Amazon Fresh and a big order from Amazon Pantry. We’ve got another Amazon Pantry order scheduled for delivery on the 22nd. We have done Subscribe and Save for a long time and that’s how we get diapers (6 cases in three sizes a month) and some other things. Those will be arriving over the next week.

We have an HEB order set for pickup later today. Walmart isn’t doing chicken right now and they were out of a few items I needed when I placed my order so figured the week wait would be fine for the last few things. We also had Cameron pick us up a few things at HEB when he did his shopping last week. There were nine things I couldn’t find any other way to get (and he still couldn’t get us leeks because they were out in the store).

So obtaining food for our household of eleven has been a challenge just as I imagine it was for those hunter-gatherer ancestors. In a way the challenge has been fun. In a way it’s been frustrating. What matters now is our cupboards, refrigerators and freezer are full and we are set for a few weeks when we’ll start the process all over again.

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