Assembly Line Parenting

We have a lot of little kids living in our house. Mornings can be absolutely nuts. Most days, though, I’ve got the whole assembly line parenting thing down.

First, I try to get up before any kids do. This can be tricky. Some mornings one or more wake up before 6am. Some mornings I’m just plain tired from being up late or often during the night (it’s not just the babies who wake at night). If I get up first the morning definitely goes smoother, especially if I can get some cleaning out of the way before children are around.

The toddlers need to eat pretty much as soon as they wake up so I try to have something quick or already ready for them. The babies eat 4 ounces of baby food for breakfast. I feed one and then the other.

All four need diaper changes and to be dressed for the day. I do them either as they wake up or one after the other if they are already up or get up at the same time. I always have clothes (mine and theirs) picked out and ready the night before. N takes the longest to get ready for the day. He has eczema so he needs to be rubbed with Aveeno lotion every morning (and night) and have his prescriptions applied to flare spots Monday through Friday. The other three get lotioned in the morning as needed.

Then there’s hair. Sometimes I sit on the couch and do their hair one after another. Other times I do their hair while they are sitting in high chairs, the babies after they’ve been fed, the toddlers while they are eating breakfast. That involves spraying their hair with water mixed with jojoba oil to dampen it and then putting leave in conditioner in their hair to moisturize it. All of their hair gets really dry without that cream. We have a special brush to get tangles out and get the conditioner all through it. Sometimes I put N or Baby B’s hair up (N is SO cute with a toddler bun) since their hair is long enough to do up.

All that takes until 9:30 or 10 and by then at least one more diaper change is needed (we go through SO MANY diapers) and I’m already thinking about lunch!

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