Home Church

For over a month now we’ve had church at home. All of our churches worldwide are shut down until further notice. I’m really not sure when we’ll go back to regular meetings. Sometimes I wonder if it won’t be until there’s a vaccine or reliable treatment.

Anyway, I rather like having church at home. We have our little Sacrament service. My father and Jamie bless the bread and water and Fritz and Adrian pass it. We sing the First Article of Faith song a lot. We’ll go on to the second one once the toddlers know the first one. We take turns giving a little talk/spiritual message. Now our ward has Sunday School via Zoom twice a month as well. And then we have our Come, Follow Me lesson that we’ve been doing weekly for over a year.

It’s really interesting, though, that we’ve pretty much been training for this home church thing. We were already totally used to doing Come, Follow Me at home as a family. Now we just have a little more church at home, but we already had a good groove going. There’s no need to actually go into a church building to maintain religious studies.

But I suspect our first week back meeting all together will be pretty noisy as we greet old friends and get caught up post-social distancing.

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