Baby A the Scientist

Ever since he first came to us at 2 1/2 months, Baby A has been our little scientist. He is very careful with inspecting things and figuring things out. The other day he spent a really long time proving just what a scientist he is.

He’s been intrigued by the doggy door. He watches Lola and even his brothers go in and out. Once his twin even made it through. But clearly he wasn’t quite satisfied that going through the doggy door was actually safe.

First he put a toy car through the door. He left it there a bit and then pulled it back inside and studied it very carefully. For what, I am not sure, but he obviously seemed to think it might not be quite the same after its trip. He did this several times.

Then he put his pacifier through the door. After inspecting it carefully, he popped it in his mouth and sucked for a little while. Satisfied that it was still the same as always, he repeated the process several more times, always with the same results.

So then he started testing his own body. First he put his hand through. After several tries proved his hand was unchanged from its trip through the doggy door, he put his arm out up to his forearm, then elbow, then halfway between his elbow and shoulder, and, finally, his entire arm up to his shoulder.

Satisfied that going through the doggy door would not harm him in any way, he attempted to get his head through. He’s not quite coordinated yet to do that, so that is where his experiment ended. It was so fascinating to watch. He was so methodical, focused, and determined. He’s a smart one, that Baby A.

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