The Six’s hair comes in a range of textures, but N’s is the most “typically” black and so takes the most care. His hair is thick and curly and so beautiful. His hair is the most fun to do because even at one-year-old he’s incredibly patient and usually sits still for as long as I need to take.

After a night’s sleep, N’s hair is pretty wild. The first thing I do is spray it with water with a little jojoba oil mixed in.

We use Bella Curls Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-in Conditioner. We chose it simply because the kids’ grandmother uses it and recommended it. It works great leaving their hair super soft and their curls just perfect.

We use a detangling brush specifically made for thick curly hair. Between the brush, the water, and the conditioner, it’s easy to get the tangles out and give definition to their curls.

Some days I get creative with N’s hair. It’s definitely in need of a trim at this point, but that’ll have to wait a couple months. I love putting his hair up in a toddler bun. It’s just so adorable.

It’s been a crash course in caring for hair I am definitely not used to since we got the toddlers and the babies’ hair has gotten longer. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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