Birthday Season

In three weeks we will enter what shall forever be known as Birthday Season. Over the course of 44 days, we will celebrate SEVEN birthdays!

Adrian is first. He’ll turn 12. Then 9 days later the twins will turn 1. Eight days after that N will turn 2. Five days later, the closest spacing, Fritz will turn 14. One week after that A will turn 3. And, finally, 15 days, the longest spacing, later, M will turn 4.

This means I will have three one-year-olds for 8 days. And then I’ll have two two-year-olds for 12 days. And then two three-year-olds for 15 days.

As an added bonus, two weeks before the start of Birthday Season, Jamie and I will celebrate our anniversary and the end of Birthday Season, M’s birthday, also happens to be Jamie’s mum’s birthday.

My wallet is already cringing at the thought of buying all the birthday presents every Birthday Season.

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