He got his hairs cut

E had very long hair, almost all the way down his back to his butt. We usually would pull it back in a ponytail every day. It tangled easily, though, so it took 15-20 minutes every morning just to do his hair.

He asked a few times to get his hair cut so I scheduled an appointment at a barbershop near us. I figured he might want to go with shoulder length since he’d had long hair as long as he could remember, but when he saw a picture of a short style he liked, his eyes lit up and he said that’s how he wanted his hair.

It took the barber over an hour and a half to cut and style E’s hair, but it turned out so amazing! He’s loving have the (much) shorter hair. He really likes that I barely have to spend any time on his hair in the mornings now. Two minutes max and he’s done. He looks like such a big kid with this cut. As he would say, it’s so much cute!


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