Transition to Public School

The transition from homeschool to public school has definitely been a success for Fritz and Adrian. Today’s the last day of the quarter so we don’t quite have final grades yet, but it looks like it’ll be all A’s and B’s for both of them.

Fritz is still planning to stay a remote learner the entire year or for as long as they’ll let him. He’s getting a little annoyed at the peer pressure from the teachers about getting into the classroom. It sounds like a lot of kids are not doing well with the Zoom school thing and so they are pushing hard for all kids to get in the classroom. Fritz is doing just fine though so considering he doesn’t actually want to be in the classroom and there have been several COVID cases at the high school I’m good with him staying home.

Adrian is so excited that he’ll get to be in the classroom on Monday. He loves having people to talk to. We’ve all been so surprised at how well he’s doing and the grades he’s getting. My parents promised him a trip to Sonic for every 100% he gets on tests and I think they might be regretting that now (he got another hundred – on his Science test – this morning).

I’m glad this transition has been relatively easy for them and they are doing so well. Hopefully Adrian’s transition into the actual classroom will be as good, too.

Braiding N’s Hair

I’ve been wanting to braid N’s hair for a while. It’s really long on top when you pull it straight now. At some point before we got him I think his sides and back were shaved because those parts are a lot shorter.

Last week I finally got around to putting little braids on his head. It took about 40 minutes and he was incredibly good and sad mostly still the whole time (snacks, cars, books, and Cars the movie helped a lot). Quite impressive for a two-year-old honestly.

For my first try I think I did pretty well. I need to get smaller hair ties. Even the smallest ones I have I had to wrap around those teeny braids a whole bunch of times. I also think shaving his sides and back and letting the top grow even more is a good idea. Whether braided, put up in a toddler bun, or just left loose I think that style would be really cute on him.

The Six Update

The Six have really settled in and are just ours now. There’s always a fair amount of chaos – there are six children 5 and under after all – but it’s like they totally belong. Like their path to our family was a bit unusual, but they were always meant to be here.

E has decided to start going by a nickname of his first name and just lights up when we remember to call him that now. He’s super loving. He’s super talented, too. He can draw and color so well. He’s gained 7 pounds since he moved in with us just over four months ago and looks so incredibly healthy now.

M came to us a bit spoiled and it’s been hard on her learning that she doesn’t get to be the center of attention all the time. She’s becoming the sweetheart we always knew was in there. She’s a smart cookie and can be so funny. The elementary school principal told me that she has never seen a pair of such happy, smiley children before.

A is honestly our hardest kid and he’s not that hard. He doesn’t sleep much at night (though that is getting better) and he gets really frustrated because his speech is on the very low end of normal so we don’t always understand him. He’s got the most beautiful smile and loves to cuddle with us. He’s crazy smart, too.

N is my cuddlebug currently in the middle of separation anxiety. He talks mostly to me but is starting to talk to others more. He loves cars and he loves books and super bonus if it’s a book about cars. His hair is growing super long. I think this weekend I’m going to work on braiding his hair.

Baby A says so many words. We’ve been keeping track and it’s over 50 now. He’s into everything and is totally making up for all those months we pretty much had to beg him to smile. He has a big grin on his face most of the time. He loves meat. Meat is definitely his favorite food. It’s amazing how well he can chew with just his 8 front teeth.

Baby B is into even more than his twin. He climbs, including up on the table. He jumps with both feet off the floor which is kind of amazing to see. He kicks a ball repeatedly straight down the hallway. He’s got some serious physical skills. He doesn’t say as many words as his brother (more like 30 or so), but he is much clearer when he speaks. He’s always smiling and laughing. Oh, and he has 14 teeth.

48 days to go until they are permanently ours!