Braiding N’s Hair

I’ve been wanting to braid N’s hair for a while. It’s really long on top when you pull it straight now. At some point before we got him I think his sides and back were shaved because those parts are a lot shorter.

Last week I finally got around to putting little braids on his head. It took about 40 minutes and he was incredibly good and sad mostly still the whole time (snacks, cars, books, and Cars the movie helped a lot). Quite impressive for a two-year-old honestly.

For my first try I think I did pretty well. I need to get smaller hair ties. Even the smallest ones I have I had to wrap around those teeny braids a whole bunch of times. I also think shaving his sides and back and letting the top grow even more is a good idea. Whether braided, put up in a toddler bun, or just left loose I think that style would be really cute on him.

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