Transition to Public School

The transition from homeschool to public school has definitely been a success for Fritz and Adrian. Today’s the last day of the quarter so we don’t quite have final grades yet, but it looks like it’ll be all A’s and B’s for both of them.

Fritz is still planning to stay a remote learner the entire year or for as long as they’ll let him. He’s getting a little annoyed at the peer pressure from the teachers about getting into the classroom. It sounds like a lot of kids are not doing well with the Zoom school thing and so they are pushing hard for all kids to get in the classroom. Fritz is doing just fine though so considering he doesn’t actually want to be in the classroom and there have been several COVID cases at the high school I’m good with him staying home.

Adrian is so excited that he’ll get to be in the classroom on Monday. He loves having people to talk to. We’ve all been so surprised at how well he’s doing and the grades he’s getting. My parents promised him a trip to Sonic for every 100% he gets on tests and I think they might be regretting that now (he got another hundred – on his Science test – this morning).

I’m glad this transition has been relatively easy for them and they are doing so well. Hopefully Adrian’s transition into the actual classroom will be as good, too.

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